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Representative Cases

  • Negligent Roadway Design: While driving on a connector ramp between two freeways, plaintiff’s vehicle began to fishtail, became airborne, hit a guardrail and rolled twice, rendering plaintiff a quadriplegic. Plaintiff alleged negligent roadway design and dangerous condition of public property (compound curve, lack of sufficient superelevation, poor signage). Defendant public entity alleged design immunity.

  • Product Defect: Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and a stroke resulting in paralysis after an incident in which he was punched while sparring using defendant’s allegedly defective headgear at a gym.

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Plaintiff sustained multiple fractures to her dominant wrist when she fell descending an interior stairway. ORIF with the development of complex regional pain syndrome and allegedly permanent impairment.

  • Bicycles: Plaintiff, an adult bicyclist, alleged traumatic brain injury when hit by a left-turning vehicle while commuting to work. Vehicular traffic had stopped to allow left turning vehicle through; high profile SUV blocked the view of both the bicyclist and the defendant from seeing one another.

  • Plaintiff bicyclist was impacted when a police car activated its emergency lights and siren and pulled from a parking spot sustaining a dislocated shoulder and lumbar spine injuries, necessitating multiple surgical interventions with allegedly permanent impairment.