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Representative Cases

  • Auto v. Auto: Disputed liability left turn incident. Heavy impact with medical specials of $6l,000 and continuing, loss of earnings and loss of grants and tuition for plaintiff’s graduate program totaling $32,000 and continuing. Medical complications alleged due to plaintiff suffering from Von Willebrand’s Disease complicating plaintiff’s healing process.

  • Wrongful Death/Auto v. Motorcycle: Plaintiffs’ son (aged 24) was operating a motorcycle when an underinsured driver attempted a U-turn to park at the beach at a free parking spot which he could not complete. He began backing up when motorcyclist broadsided his vehicle causing immediate death. UIM policy was tendered and plaintiffs now sought damages against City as numerous other similar U-turn accidents had occurred in same area alleging inadequate signage and/or other type of barrier.

  • Auto v. Pedestrian: Plaintiff was a carwash customer when an employee lost control of a vehicle and drove into a crowd. Plaintiff dove over a planter to escape the vehicle and fell. Prior laminectomy/fusion at multiple levels. MRI’s revealed a worsening of her condition.

  • Forklift Accident: Plaintiff was operating a forklift, loading a truck while in the course and scope of his employment. Truck driver allegedly pulled away from the loading dock before plaintiff had fully backed out of the truck. The forklift containing the plaintiff fell to the concrete. Defendant denied liability claiming plaintiff was moving into the truck bed improperly rather than backing out. 6 figure workers’ compensation lien. Multi-level lumbar and cervical disc injuries.

  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: Alleged hit and run collision on the freeway caused claimant to roll her vehicle. Respondent contested contact by a hit and run vehicle.

  • DUI: Plaintiff was a passenger with defendant/friend driving. Due to excessive speed and while driving under the influence, defendant lost control, hit the side of the road and flipped the car. Medical bills of $40k with punitive damages pled. Plaintiff underwent 9 epidural injections, facet blocks, continued to use a portable TENS unit and use of pain medications.

  • Motorcycle/Auto and Pedestrians: Plaintiffs were walking on the sidewalk when a vehicle impacted a motorcycle. The motorcyclist went up onto the sidewalk and struck plaintiff husband. Wife was Dillon v. Legg plaintiff. Joint demand mid 6 figures.

  • Auto v. Auto: Rear end auto collision in which plaintiff alleged she was an eggshell due to pre- existing fibromyalgia, complicating her recovery from cervical and lumbar disc injuries requiring multiple epidural injections.

  • Red Light Dispute: Plaintiff sustained multiple rib fractures and clavicle fracture in T-bone collision. Clavicle failed to heal properly requiring a second surgery to rebreak and reset it. Also sustained kidney damage, chipped teeth and injuries to breast and torso. Initial demand high 6 figures.

  • Neck Fracture: Heavy rear end collision in which plaintiff sustained a cervical fracture requiring 3 months of immobilization. Medical bills in excess of $50k, loss of earnings of $10k, need for future treatment. Policy limits sought in initial demand.

  • Auto v. Bike: Plaintiff bicyclist was crossing wide highway while in crosswalk. Two vehicles stopped while third vehicle failed to see him and struck him causing catastrophic injuries. Driver tendered his policy limits $500k. Lawsuit against the State of CA for failure to install traffic light at intersection in light of numerous prior incidents.

  • Roadway Design: Disputed liability head on collision in which plaintiff driver alleged she had to cross over the yellow line while coming around a curve on a narrow uphill grade in order to avoid hitting bicyclists to her right. Medical bills of $140k for three plaintiffs, one of whom lost his spleen due to injuries.

  • Train Incident: Disabled plaintiff was seated on her scooter riding as a passenger on a Metro rail train when it was impacted by a City Fire Truck. Plaintiff sued both City and County. Plaintiff suffered from cerebral palsy and alleged her condition dramatically worsened due to the impact. Health insurance lien and need for future therapies.

  • Auto vs. Motorcycle: Plaintiff motorcyclist was lane splitting while on the freeway when defendant, while operating a rental vehicle, changed lanes, impacted him and pushed him into another vehicle causing him to be ejected from the motorcycle sustaining a fractured clavicle and torn labrum requiring surgical repair.

  • Auto v. Bicycle: Plaintiff bicyclist came off of the curb from a sidewalk into a cross-walk on a green light when simultaneously a truck made a right turn impacting plaintiff who sustained multiple fractures requiring multiple surgeries with medical bills of $465k.

  • Closed Head Trauma: Plaintiff was involved in a moderate rear-end collision and sustained soft tissue injuries but also alleged closed head trauma causing inability for her to focus on doctoral thesis thus derailing her career as a tenured college professor.

  • Auto vs. Pedestrian: Plaintiff was crossing the street during a rainstorm when impacted by defendant. Defendant contended plaintiff was running and was not in the crosswalk. Plaintiff alleged he was walking at a normal pace within crosswalk. Plaintiff sustained C-6 fracture; herniated disc at C6-7; scalp laceration; scapular fracture, nose laceration, disc protrusion in lumbar spine, closed head trauma.

  • Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff was a passenger in defendant's vehicle. Defendant sped out of a parking lot as another vehicle was approaching in an alley. Defendant swerved and impacted an electric pole and airbags imploded. Plaintiff was not seat belted, but alleged he was in the process of fastening his seatbelt. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue and facial injuries.